Once the admission has been secured and the visa has been granted, the only thing left to do is to fly to your chosen destination. While this is an exciting time for the applicant, there is still a lot that needs to be done. There are a number of details that one should be careful of before they take the big leap of leaving for foreign shores. We, at AOC, take care of the many additional steps that are required, like travel and health insurance, accommodation, and the other steps required for the student to settle in the new country without any difficulties

The institutes we represent follow strict guidelines in terms of taking care of the students who have come overseas. They are very careful about dealing with any problem the students face when they are there and are prompt in their actions. There are also Pastoral Care Programmes which are implemented that ensure a nurturing environment for students.

Pre-departure briefings include informing students about a number of issues such as the culture and traditions of the country they are going to. The cultural differences they see there may cause conflict with the locals, or even cause the students grave culture shock. They are informed about the required appropriate behaviour and decorum that they need to maintain. We also advise the students regarding the medical and emergency protocol they need to follow. They are briefed about the location of basic utilities, book stores, and safe entertainment venues around the campus. We also inform students about essential banking details and calling cards which they will need on an immediate basis.

The pre-departure briefing is a complete information package that ensures the student is sensitized towards the country they are going to. It aims to make the students self-sufficient and empower them to survive in a new part of the world.

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